jueves, 13 de enero de 2011

Carta de Congresista Connie Mack a Hillary Clinton sobre Honduras

The Honorable Hillary Clinton
Secretary of State
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20520
Dear Madam Secretary:
I am extremely disappointed to learn that Honduras was not selected to receive a second compact from the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) at the January 5 meeting.
The first compact with Honduras was an enormous success given that its results were universally praised by the State Department, the people of Honduras, and all stakeholders involved in the compact. The MCC had the chance to build off the extraordinary achievements of the last five years, supporting Hondurans on their path to achieving even greater rewards from the joint projects, and they squandered it. To be honest, I am disheartened by the continued lack of support for the people of Honduras and allies in the Hemisphere
It is my understanding that the “Control of Corruption” indicator was used to deny Honduras the contract. The indicator had a .15 difference between the corruption measurement in 2005, when Honduras was granted its first contract, fell within the margin of error, and was based on an aggregate of perceptions that this Administration has aided with its refusal to support a legitimately elected president. This decision comes just one year after a corrupt dictator was removed from power, leaving Honduras’ economic and security institutions in disarray and the perception of government in a fragile state. The State Department’s response has fueled critics of President Lobo’s government and influenced the perceptions of those that determine the corruption indicator.
The U.S. State Department continues to hold Honduras and President Lobo hostage as a result of former President Zelaya’s corrupt action. It is time for this to end.
The United States should be supporting President Lobo and Honduras by backing the elected President in his efforts, granting the well-deserved second compact, and not calling for Zelaya’s return and the dropping of his formal criminal charges. It is a disgrace for the United States to continue acting in this manner.
Hearings need to be held on this topic within the Western Hemisphere Subcommittee and I hope to work closely with you to insure that Honduras, Hondurans, and the MCC will not miss this opportunity again during the second quarter board meeting. For both our allies and those states working against U.S. ideals, we need to demonstrate what Honduras and the MCC are capable of achieving through the promotion of free and democratic societies.

Member of Congress

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